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The story of 35% growth in cycling turns out to be spin, to keep attention away from the fact, that for a decade bike modality has been stagnant, and after 10years, we are nowhere closer to 50% modal share. The Copenhagen politicians never stated any objectives for traffic work for bicycling, the total amount of km […]

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How We Prioritize Our Cities

In a market driven system, what is promoted the most effectively tends to win. The best and most powerful marketeer wins, not necessarily the best product. Certainly in terms of pure  advertising, car industry out spends all other alternatives by a factor 100 or more, even if we include public service announcements for mass transit […]


Is Copenhagen a Bike City?

Before I begin, if you don´t live in Denmark or the Netherlands, you may feel that if only your city was as welcoming to bikes. On the other hand, if you live en many Southern European cities, where the municipality has had enough reason to conclude, that cars ruin the old city center, and have […]

You got a choice

New direction -more english language blogposts

This is the first in a series of new graphic bike advocacy artwork stratentastdesign.com has volunteered to help out with. We hope you will like and share, use and “abuse”. Following the municipal electoral process is over, future blogposts will almost exclusively be in english. If you have ideas for new graphics or graphics on your […]

FUH ved Tved 10 km fra Thisted mod Hanstholm. 2 biler kørt sammen

Cars don´t kill people!

Cars don´t kill people, people kill people, but cars sure do help, and usually in a way, which leaves the killer without apparent purpose or intent. He/she she just didn´t really drive responsibly, making cars a really dangerous piece of machinery to operate. That is a known, an mostly ignored a suppressed fact. Today cars […]

01 congestion commission failed

Why did the Congestion Commission Fail?

Is it possible to solve a problem, if you do not care to understand the problem? No matter how you read the formal objectives of the Commission, the governing paradigm of congestion in media, and in the part of the commission, who had their way and will. The assignment was perceived to be, how to […]

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