This page is about sustainable urban development, with a strong emphasis on active transportation and transport policy.

In particular car traffic is mired in urban legends and conventional wisdom, but in reality traffic behaviour and dynamics are often quiet counter intuitive, facts, figures and research is often nowhere to be found, not least concerning bicycling.

The purpose is not seek to convince any car owners to use his bike in stead. Rather to bring more knowledge about transport policy and benefits of active transportation to larger modern cities, to those who have a genuine interest. 

The site seeks to question everything, thats when we learn… 


The site is so far a one-man show, but people willing to contribute should not hesitate to contact me:


Lars Barfred

fb:  bikecopenhagendk
m: 30 48 44 44
e: lars@bikecopenhagen.dk  -
a: Vognmandsmarken 49, 4tv  - DK-2100 København Ø