Politiken today reported annual traffic surveys from Technical University DTU. Bike milage in copenhagen grew 35% from 2012 to 2013
+35% thats unheard of! Car trips fell 12%. This at a time when cost of car ownership is lower than the last, well at an all time low.


There has been no significant changes in weather or bike infrastucture to warrant the increase. True the new metro circle does create a lot of roadworks, but the temporary decrease in road capacity for cars was actually more severe in 2012, where pipes and sewers where rechannelled to allow for new underground stations and the metro tunnels.
The high jump also comes after 8 years of virtual stagnation in modal share.

While no clear explanation is at hand, it certainly explains growing complains about bicyclists in Copenhagen, the current bike infrastructure is simply being exhausted at key points in the city, by the sheer volumes of cyclists, leaving their car at home.

A contributing factor to the growth in bicycling is an often ignored fact, road capacity for cars is fully and over utilized, when this happens cars cue up, diminishing road capacity. Which means each extra car headed for the city center is going to increase congestion exponentially.
Growing congestion and a clear trend of slightly falling car traffic volumes during the last 10 years is evidence of this. Resulting in growing frustration and travel times for car drivers. This will clearly motivate to look for different alternatives.

Sadly on top of the agenda at city hall is 4.800 new parking spots for cars in the city center. Parking spots which are primarily planned to be located curbside and across sidewalks, strangling space for pedestrians and cyclists even more….





  1. Peter Stanners says:

    Fully onboard with your agenda. But unless you can explain exactly how 4,800 new parking spaces is a bad thing for cyclists, you lose the power of your message. It just comes across as too anti-car for its own sake. Where is the “strangling” taking place? And how, and when.

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