How We Prioritize Our Cities

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In a market driven system, what is promoted the most effectively tends to win. The best and most powerful marketeer wins, not necessarily the best product. Certainly in terms of pure  advertising, car industry out spends all other alternatives by a factor 100 or more, even if we include public service announcements for mass transit […]

Is Copenhagen a Bike City?


Before I begin, if you don´t live in Denmark or the Netherlands, you may feel that if only your city was as welcoming to bikes. On the other hand, if you live en many Southern European cities, where the municipality has had enough reason to conclude, that cars ruin the old city center, and have […]

New direction -more english language blogposts

You got a choice

This is the first in a series of new graphic bike advocacy artwork has volunteered to help out with. We hope you will like and share, use and “abuse”. Following the municipal electoral process is over, future blogposts will almost exclusively be in english. If you have ideas for new graphics or graphics on your […]

Cars don´t kill people!

FUH ved Tved 10 km fra Thisted mod Hanstholm. 2 biler kørt sammen

Cars don´t kill people, people kill people, but cars sure do help, and usually in a way, which leaves the killer without apparent purpose or intent. He/she she just didn´t really drive responsibly, making cars a really dangerous piece of machinery to operate. That is a known, an mostly ignored a suppressed fact. Today cars […]

Why did the Congestion Commission Fail?

01 congestion commission failed

Is it possible to solve a problem, if you do not care to understand the problem? No matter how you read the formal objectives of the Commission, the governing paradigm of congestion in media, and in the part of the commission, who had their way and will. The assignment was perceived to be, how to […]

Does the Police suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?

01 police stockholm

This week the police runs one of its bike campaigns, rushing to the places in the city, where most bicyclist takes a right on red or crosses 2 meters of sidewalk between two non connected bikepaths.Many bicyclist complain about fines for what they perceive to be ridiculous no-victim-offenses, and they are in most cases right. […]

The CO2ngestion Commission Failed!

01 congestion commission failed

As Politiken reports today congestion will increase 50% between now and 2025, if all recommendations from the commission are followed. A meager result is putting it to lightly. The Congestion Commission was founded after the Left-center government had given up the promised a congestion ring. A few months of opposition from Industry lobby and a […]

Are bicyclists attractive to retail?

01 bicyclists attractive customers

We are ususally told local businesses wither and die, when cars can not park curb side. Photo: Lars Barfred By Lars Barfred It is always frustrating to see local shops waging a war against a new bike path, predicting their own eminent demise, once a few parking spaces are converted. Mostly because they could not aim […]

The Red Square -Revisited

01 red square revisited

Only about a year after the prestige project named The Super Wedge (Superkilen) and specifically the plaza dubbed the Red Square, isn´t that Super. The super wedge is situated on the Green Route, and most of the investment paid by the city, is allocated as bike infrastructure in the annual account and public consumption statistics. […]

Tiny Living ?

01 Tiny Living

Små boliger er på ingens agenda, knap nok kollegieboliger, men hvorfor ikke, der er et hav af fordele ved små boliger for den enkelte og for samfundet. I København bor der 1,8 personer per bolig, der er 72 m2 eller 38 m2 bolig per person, hvorfor er det så umuligt for almindelige singler at finde […]

Can you improve bicycle Infrastructure and the city space for free?

The key is to question the status quo, every time a street needs surface renovation. A quick assessment of traffic numbers by modality, and speed of cars, the nature of the street in the traffic system and urban usage, will provide a little insight to make improve how we utilize our city. Morning Traffic at Nørre Allé […]

Cobblestone Addiction -a not so smooth ride in Copenhagen

A Bicycle Infrastructure Photo Odyssey There’s nothing like smooth, new asphalt and, for some reason, I always admire when the city makes smooth transitions at intersections between our often slightly-elevated bike paths and the ordinary road. This makes me so ever more dumbfounded why city planners manically and generously use cobblestone and curbstones to ruin […]

Lord Mayor Frank Jensen’s Smoking Gun

Original picture by When new infrastructure projects are presented, they are based on a set of long term assumptions. Usually, these assumptions never reach a broader audience and they are never explained. We have read an analysis that presents a long list of assumptions about the future of traffic development in Copenhagen and we […]

Park View or Living in a Parking Lot

Do we want to live on a parking lot? Picture: Lars Barfred We have a choice. It’s an actual choice. Do we want to live by a park or by a parking lot? Judging from real estate prices, most of us prefer the first choice. We have, however, such a counterproductive urban model of society that […]

Is bike share a great fit for mature bike cities ?

Last week we wrote about the demise of the Copenhagen bike share system and the fact that the City cancelled the long-awaited replacement system. Generally, we are always in agreement with Lars Barfred, our regular columnist, on almost all issues. He has, however, a different view of a bike share system for Copenhagen. We’re happy […]

Better Intermodal Integration to Beat the Car

Its free to bring your bike on the S-train, The Copenhagen Metro system. Picture: One of the best initatives in Copenhagen’s mass transit system for years has been to let people bring their bike on the S-train – Copenhagen’s exisiting, mostly above ground metro system (not the mini version under construction) – for free! […]

The State of Copenhagen Congestion – Part 4

The Congestion Commission In Denmark, during autumn 2011, right-wing politicians and the media attacked the center-left government proposal for a congestion ring around Copenhagen. Their attack, which wasn’t much more than a bunch of media hysteria was, surprisingly, successful. Fredensgade, Picture: Transportministeriet In early 2012, the Social Democrats lost the courage to push forward with […]

The State of Copenhagen Congestion – Part 3 – The Bright Side

In this series, I have aired a critic stance towards the local politicians, the city planners, the police and the congestion commission. I also need to pay my respects to the people who stick their neck out. Just after Part 1 of the Series was published, the mayor of the City’s DoT, Ayfer Baykal, announced that her party SF […]

The State of Copenhagen Congestion – Part 2

Previously published on An unlikely authority plays an an active role in maintaining a high volume of car traffic in the city and ensures that bicycle infrastructure and facilities are not allowed to proliferate. The Police officer in the background refuses to ticket the car parked on the bike lane across the street, he […]

Fighting congestion, or maintaining high levels of car-traffic.

Denmark’s most car-congested, mixed-use road is the six lane wide Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard  *. It caters to 56,000 motor vehicles a day, which is also close to its peak capacity. It also also has 21,000 daily bicycle user. It cuts through two densely populated residential neighbourhoods, Frederiksberg and Nørrebro, and slices through the coveted […]