Are bicyclists attractive to retail?

01 bicyclists attractive customers

We are ususally told local businesses wither and die, when cars can not park curb side. Photo: Lars Barfred By Lars Barfred It is always frustrating to see local shops waging a war against a new bike path, predicting their own eminent demise, once a few parking spaces are converted. Mostly because they could not aim […]

Cobblestone Addiction -a not so smooth ride in Copenhagen

A Bicycle Infrastructure Photo Odyssey There’s nothing like smooth, new asphalt and, for some reason, I always admire when the city makes smooth transitions at intersections between our often slightly-elevated bike paths and the ordinary road. This makes me so ever more dumbfounded why city planners manically and generously use cobblestone and curbstones to ruin […]

Is bike share a great fit for mature bike cities ?

Last week we wrote about the demise of the Copenhagen bike share system and the fact that the City cancelled the long-awaited replacement system. Generally, we are always in agreement with Lars Barfred, our regular columnist, on almost all issues. He has, however, a different view of a bike share system for Copenhagen. We’re happy […]

Better Intermodal Integration to Beat the Car

Its free to bring your bike on the S-train, The Copenhagen Metro system. Picture: One of the best initatives in Copenhagen’s mass transit system for years has been to let people bring their bike on the S-train – Copenhagen’s exisiting, mostly above ground metro system (not the mini version under construction) – for free! […]

Can you afford not to bike?

Every time you can, choose the bike, instead of getting into a car, seize it ! Picture: Most likely you can, from a monetary point of view, but how about time wise? I will argue you should prioritize to bike whenever you can, even though, in some cases it may take substantially longer for you to make […]

Speed of Travel

Previously Published on Photo: Alex Banck-Petersen - Personally I think speed limits are too high, too dangerous, for me to drive a car. I have recently chosen not to drive a car before the city lowers the speed limits to 30 km/h, and have cut up my drivers license into many very small pieces. […]

A new story of our lives….

Previously published on …Thats what we need… The new government is admirably determined to build a congestion-ring, around Copenhagen City. For the first time in since the oil-crisis in the early seventies, and the car-free Sundays, Danish motorists are under  fire. Was the state of our tasteless self-indulgence and waste of natural resources not […]