Does the Police suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?

01 police stockholm

This week the police runs one of its bike campaigns, rushing to the places in the city, where most bicyclist takes a right on red or crosses 2 meters of sidewalk between two non connected bikepaths.Many bicyclist complain about fines for what they perceive to be ridiculous no-victim-offenses, and they are in most cases right. […]

Can you afford not to bike?

Every time you can, choose the bike, instead of getting into a car, seize it ! Picture: Most likely you can, from a monetary point of view, but how about time wise? I will argue you should prioritize to bike whenever you can, even though, in some cases it may take substantially longer for you to make […]


This is not a piece of why you should or should not wear a helmet, though, that may end to be part of the learning. The Danish Road Safety Council oftens speaks out against dangerous trees, as if they attacked the cars, or in some magical way, cars gravitated to trees, however, whats dangerous is […]

Speed of Travel

Previously Published on Photo: Alex Banck-Petersen - Personally I think speed limits are too high, too dangerous, for me to drive a car. I have recently chosen not to drive a car before the city lowers the speed limits to 30 km/h, and have cut up my drivers license into many very small pieces. […]

A new story of our lives….

Previously published on …Thats what we need… The new government is admirably determined to build a congestion-ring, around Copenhagen City. For the first time in since the oil-crisis in the early seventies, and the car-free Sundays, Danish motorists are under  fire. Was the state of our tasteless self-indulgence and waste of natural resources not […]