How We Prioritize Our Cities

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In a market driven system, what is promoted the most effectively tends to win. The best and most powerful marketeer wins, not necessarily the best product. Certainly in terms of pure  advertising, car industry out spends all other alternatives by a factor 100 or more, even if we include public service announcements for mass transit […]

Can you improve bicycle Infrastructure and the city space for free?

The key is to question the status quo, every time a street needs surface renovation. A quick assessment of traffic numbers by modality, and speed of cars, the nature of the street in the traffic system and urban usage, will provide a little insight to make improve how we utilize our city. Morning Traffic at Nørre Allé […]

Cobblestone Addiction -a not so smooth ride in Copenhagen

A Bicycle Infrastructure Photo Odyssey There’s nothing like smooth, new asphalt and, for some reason, I always admire when the city makes smooth transitions at intersections between our often slightly-elevated bike paths and the ordinary road. This makes me so ever more dumbfounded why city planners manically and generously use cobblestone and curbstones to ruin […]

Park View or Living in a Parking Lot

Do we want to live on a parking lot? Picture: Lars Barfred We have a choice. It’s an actual choice. Do we want to live by a park or by a parking lot? Judging from real estate prices, most of us prefer the first choice. We have, however, such a counterproductive urban model of society that […]