New direction -more english language blogposts

This is the first in a series of new graphic bike advocacy artwork has volunteered to help out with. We hope you will like and share, use and “abuse”. Following the municipal electoral process is over, future blogposts will almost exclusively be in english. If you have ideas for new graphics or graphics on your own, please pitch or share on our facebook page
The more simple, the better, a classic is the This runs on fat and make you healthy, this runs on money and makes you fat, which has been made in a number of executions and shared millions of times.


  1. I love the poster but i’m not sure you can use the phrase “you have a wide choice of options”. I’m pretty sure it has to be “wide range of options” or “wide range of choices”.

    • Dear Dmitri,

      Thanks for both reading the blog, and helping out. While I agree your suggestions are probably more used than “wide choice of options”.

      The online edition Merriam Webster do use these exact words in same order, in the definition of the word “Choice”.

      “Illustrate a number and variety to choose among; example a plan with a wide choice of options.”


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