Reliable Analysis

Today BikeCopenhagen learned that the analyses of the congestion commission are less reliable, than presented. A source in the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) revealed, that traffic data presented in the 2013 report as 2012 actual recordings of traffic volume in Copenhagen, are all estimates based on 2004 actuals.

This insight is a biproduct of en effort, by BikeCopenhagen and the Council for Sustainable Transport, to learn what is the basis of the recent strategic analysis of a harbour tunnel. The publicized material only reveals a traffic prognosis for 2025 and 2040, but no comparison to current traffic volumes.

It is the position of BikeCopenhagen, that  politicians, NGO´s and  the general public are entitled to compare the plans to our current reality, as a reasonable basis of decision, of the future 30-50 billion kroner infrastructure investments is impossible.

It is deceptive to present manipulated data as actuals. It also seems absurd to ask people to decide on traffic scenarios for 2025 and 2040, which are based on undisclosed assumptions and estimates of how traffic volume and patterns changed between 2004 and 2012.
BikeCopenhagen has previously discussed some of the limitations the traffic model has, which all models will have. Limitations the MoT refuses to make public.
These analyses are all but works of fiction, no politician, regardless of education and training, can understand the ramifications of decisions based on this material. Yet many politicians are proud to reason and present the analyses as were they actual facts.

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